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 Meet the Albury Chiropractic Team

Melanie – Chiropractic Assistant



My introduction to Albury Chiropractic was as a patient. After about 8 months of receiving chiropractic care the opportunity arose for me to join the Albury team – I jumped at the chance. I have been now been working at Albury Chiropractic for 5 years.

Having experienced the benefits of chiropractic care myself I have now referred my entire family to chiropractor Dr Christian.

My husband Paul and I have a Labrador, Zeb. I thoroughly enjoy taking Zeb for walks, watching Paul play football, going to Pilates and spinal fitness classes and spending time with my family and friends.

I taught Yoga for 1 1/2 years, teaching one class a week. I now pursue personal practice.

I really enjoy helping all the people who receive chiropractic care from Dr Christian (Chiropractor) and being involved in their healing process.

Sally Christian – Chiropractic Assistant



Chiropractor Dr Christian and I have been married for 12 years and have one son, William.

I originally worked as a registered nurse in the operating suites at various hospitals and then when we married I began working as my husband’s chiropractic assistant. Due to family commitments I no longer work full time and now fill in for our other chiropractic assistants during their holidays.

I enjoy my weekly tennis game, Pilates classes and working as a volunteer at our school for disabled children.

I am currently doing a millinery course at our local TAFE.

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