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Albury Chiropractic

Dr Damian Christian and the team believe health is one of your most valuable possessions. They are proud assist you on your journey to reach your health goals together.

Thank you for visiting our website. Albury Chiropractic is currently closed as our team is taking leave. Practice members are recommended to seek another practitioner convenient to them, as soon as practicable.

Any modern X-rays that have been taken in recent years will be available for practitioners at the X-ray portals of The X-Ray Group or Regional Imaging.

When it is known, we will inform practice members if, and when, we can return, for their consideration.

Albury Chiropractic - (02) 6021 2088

"My biggest thrill in practice is primarily in seeing people fulfill their potential – often surpassing their expectations.” –Dr Christian (Chiropractor)